Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Morning Madness

Ah! I woke up this morning with the urgency to put up all of my Christmas decor. I surely didn’t get too far because everything I took out of the box, Duncan was afraid of. The dog is 10 months old and over 100 lbs. and just about everything scares him. He tries to act all tough but honestly, he is a big baby. Trace chases him around with the tv tray every once in a while just to put him in his place. Although it sounds mean, it’s hilarious. So on with my morning… I ended up putting our stockings up and then realized that Duncan thinks they are toys hanging from the mantle that has made into a game of “put them up and I’ll pull them back down!”…. isn’t he the greatest. Haha. But on a side note, one of our cats, Star, jumped into the big box filled with all of our Christmas decorations and it scared Duncan so bad that he jumped on the couch (which is a HUGE no-no in our house!) and hid his head behind me until I got Star out of the box. You so had to be there, I laughed so hard. Oh… and another interesting thing that happened this morning…. ! So to get to our laundry room, you have to go out through the door in the kitchen and through the garage. Usually, I let Duncan come with me but this morning I just wasn’t in the mood to chase him around the garage. Well, if you shut Duncan out of the garage, he’ll jump on the door in hope to push it open… oh boy was that a bad idea. I started a load of laundry and when I went to open the door… IT WAS LOCKED! I never thought it would happen but he actually jumped on the door to push it open, but instead… turned the lock and locked me out. Here I am in my pj’s, hair on the top of my head, and to top it all off… Trace’s SIZE 14 slippers. Seriously, like I am going to go ask the neighbors to borrow their phone so I can call someone to break into my house. haha. I had no idea what I was going to do. But… I got lucky enough that Duncan jumped up onto the door… again… and he must have hit the lock because I was in the midst of turning the knob and the door came open. I couldn’t be mad at him because of his intelligence. lol. I think that was his way of telling me to never lock him out of the garage again. And that’s the end of my morning madness! :)

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Philip and Mandy said...

sounds like an exciting morning!! you have a smart dog! kinda silly sometimes too it sounds like. boy is my puppy a nerd sometimes! ha ha. i'm going to love reding your blog posts! =)