Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Oh... I am already half way through the work day and the rest shall fly by like a breeze. I can not believe that today is already New Years Eve. This year sure did soar by faster than ever. It really is true, once you get married and devote to a lifestyle... life just passes you right by. I don't want it to be that way, ya know? I want to cherish each moment and make the most of each day. Sadly to say, I fail at that quite often but don't we all? ... I can remember back to the millennium and everyone was gabbing about how the world was going to end and here we are... 9 whole years later. Man, I can remember that night just as if it were yesterday. My friend and I were sitting it our little matching beanbag chairs with our eyes glued to the tv. Surely the electric would go out or some big bang, but no. Everything was as normal as 1999 at 11:59pm. Ahah! Anyhow, you all be sure to have a blessed New Year. Remember to be safe and responsible.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A day of Play-Doh

eyebrows clenched = concentrating very hard.
isn't she so darn cute with her pigtails?

play-doh is our new found best friend!
take a guess at what 3 course meal we made....?
A pork chop, mashed potatoes with gravy, and pea's!! Looks yummy, right? Tenley thought so as well. ;) lol.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Weidner's

Merry Christmas... Again! :)
This time, we're celebrating with the Weidner side. Enjoy! :)

my mother-in-law and myself.
one day, she'll be my sister-in-law.


Trace sneaking in a nap after all the chaos of unwrapping. (And right after I took this picture, I jumped on him! haha. So typical of me, right?!)
So cute, huh? -Brad and Steph.

There you go babe, now you can have your one cup of sugared down coffee so you can dip your peanut butter toast in. ;)
Hm, what is it Brent?

UNIVERSAL REMOTE! Best gift I've seen yet...

Give him kisses Duncan!

Even Dunc has presents to open!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Be safe and have a blessed New Years! :)

Christmas at the Bourne's

Merry Christmas!
Here are some pictures from Christmas on my side. Enjoy! ;)
Maddison, Alexis, Sonya, and myself! My beautiful sisters.
Wherever you find me, you'll find Maddy glued to some part of my body! She's my little girl.

Okay Lexy, enough pictures already. lol.

Opening presents...

Us again.

Sonya and her beautiful babies. Ethan Matthew and Haily Jo.

Son and Hailey- Cheesin!

Aw, mommy kisses.

Take two. (take one below!)

This was actually take one. haha. I look lovely huh? lol. I love poking fun at myself- it's so easy.

My beautiful mother and myself.

Maddy and Grandma.

Aw, isn't he so cute with his curly hair and blue eyes?

Say "PIZZA!". haha.

Baby Noah Preston Lovelady

On Christmas Eve, Trace and I took our gifts over to Linds and Greg and while there, we babysat this little handsome bundle of joy for the two of them while they did a little last minute shopping. Boy, did we enjoy our time! And I have a little secret to share.... the entire time I held him, not a peep! The moment I left, cried the rest of the night. Haha! As Linds says, "he loves his Auntie Ash."! And I sure do love him to pieces.

(self soothing... :) he discovered his thumb!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The perfect cup of hot chocolate

Consists of:::
1 mug of milk full to the brim
Warm it in the microwave for 2 mins.
Pour in 2 packs of Milk Chocolate coa coa mix (w/ marshmallows)
Give it a little stir... and wala...
What a perfect way to start a winter morning!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Youth Group

As most of you already know, Trace and I took over the youth at our church. Well, I can't really say we took it over because we didn't have any youth to start with that even attended the church, so really... we headed it up. lol. Well here is my praise report... All of the young kids you'll see below are now dedicated youth members and I must give all the GLORY TO GOD! He has been doing an awesome work in these young lives and it has been such an awesome experience and I know that He has SO much in store for us. I just know it and speak it.
Now meet the new young loves of Christ--
Lauren and Bree.
this would be seth and tim.

cassy and tim.

cassy and logan.

myself and cassy.

caitlin and her friend that i hope comes back! :)

they had to bob for worms in a bowl of chocolate pudding!
so nasty but a blast to watch!

And last but certainly not least... the most asked about youth leader (joking)...
drum roll please....
MR. TRACE WEIDNER (aka my hubby)

You can visit our church website at
And also, our myspace at