Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Weidner's

Merry Christmas... Again! :)
This time, we're celebrating with the Weidner side. Enjoy! :)

my mother-in-law and myself.
one day, she'll be my sister-in-law.


Trace sneaking in a nap after all the chaos of unwrapping. (And right after I took this picture, I jumped on him! haha. So typical of me, right?!)
So cute, huh? -Brad and Steph.

There you go babe, now you can have your one cup of sugared down coffee so you can dip your peanut butter toast in. ;)
Hm, what is it Brent?

UNIVERSAL REMOTE! Best gift I've seen yet...

Give him kisses Duncan!

Even Dunc has presents to open!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Be safe and have a blessed New Years! :)

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