Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Bourne's

Merry Christmas!
Here are some pictures from Christmas on my side. Enjoy! ;)
Maddison, Alexis, Sonya, and myself! My beautiful sisters.
Wherever you find me, you'll find Maddy glued to some part of my body! She's my little girl.

Okay Lexy, enough pictures already. lol.

Opening presents...

Us again.

Sonya and her beautiful babies. Ethan Matthew and Haily Jo.

Son and Hailey- Cheesin!

Aw, mommy kisses.

Take two. (take one below!)

This was actually take one. haha. I look lovely huh? lol. I love poking fun at myself- it's so easy.

My beautiful mother and myself.

Maddy and Grandma.

Aw, isn't he so cute with his curly hair and blue eyes?

Say "PIZZA!". haha.

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