Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Youth Group

As most of you already know, Trace and I took over the youth at our church. Well, I can't really say we took it over because we didn't have any youth to start with that even attended the church, so really... we headed it up. lol. Well here is my praise report... All of the young kids you'll see below are now dedicated youth members and I must give all the GLORY TO GOD! He has been doing an awesome work in these young lives and it has been such an awesome experience and I know that He has SO much in store for us. I just know it and speak it.
Now meet the new young loves of Christ--
Lauren and Bree.
this would be seth and tim.

cassy and tim.

cassy and logan.

myself and cassy.

caitlin and her friend that i hope comes back! :)

they had to bob for worms in a bowl of chocolate pudding!
so nasty but a blast to watch!

And last but certainly not least... the most asked about youth leader (joking)...
drum roll please....
MR. TRACE WEIDNER (aka my hubby)

You can visit our church website at
And also, our myspace at

1 comment:

The Grohmans said...

awww HOW AWESOME!!! :)
God is so great! I wish I would have had people like you and Trace for my youth pastors back in the day! lol
You guys are the best.
Love you!