Monday, April 13, 2009

It starts with "in love" and ends with "real love"

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So I just started reading this book and already, I can not put it down. I am no further than the 43rd page and already I am realizing many things. Of course I am not going to put myself out there and tell you what I am realizing, but I do have to say that everyone should at least read this book once, if not own a copy of your own. This book allows you to open your eyes to reality and not fairytale land... yet you think that sounds horrible because doesn't everyone want to live in a fairytale? Ha. Please, take the time to pick up this book and learn your spouses love language. This is a MUST read for all couples, promise. =]


Philip and Mandy said...

ahh! i see you took my advise! yay! glad you like it!

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Thanks for sharing..