Monday, February 16, 2009

A date with Tenley Bear!

Homemade sugar cookies from scratch!
Step 1: Cream the batter

Step 2: Smile and take a picture for the camera!

Step 3: Prep the homemade icing

Step 4: Complete the icing with a couple drops of food coloring

Step 5: Enjoy the delicious homemade sugar cookies! :)

Step 6: Bag the cookies and head for a walk to see the miniture horses down the street! Let's go!

And look at how darn cute they are!!! :)


Philip and Mandy said...

oooh yummy!

Anonymous said...

what an adorable post!! :)
thanks, now I want to bake cookies at midnight! LOL
Love you,

The Wolfe's said...

aw that was a really cute post ash! :) very inspirational and now i want sugar cookies;; the christmas kind.. hmm!

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