Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday Photoshoot

This past Saturday I scheduled a shoot outside because it was "suppose" to be warm-er with better weather. Well, on our drive to Greenville it definitely felt warmer and looked nice but not even joking, the second I started clicking- the wind REALLY picked up and it all of sudden got crappy out. So my first thought was 'great, these pics are gonna stink and the guy here is leaving for the coast on Monday and there will be nothing I can do about it.' =/ Well, 2 hours later with wind blown hair, we finally got some good results. =] Take a look for yourself!!

You can take a peak at the rest on flickr. I even have a few more than this uploaded on myspace! =] xo!


The Wolfe's said...

i love these pictures ash!
its like her heart is being tugged away because he is leaving
did they like their pictureS?

Essay Writing said...

They are lovely.. GOD blesses you both..