Monday, January 5, 2009

Lounging in my robe with a sick hubby

So the past three days have been nothing short of refreshing. As most of you probably already know, Trace has been really sick. He came home from work last Monday vomiting, so of course we thought he had the flu. On Tuesday he was feeling a little recouped but still having a really bad sore throat, that was getting worse by the minute. Therefore on Wednesday, he went to our local Urgent Care to have them test him for strep. Well, his strep test came back negative and they gave him a couple prescriptions hoping for some kind of fix. As the hours go on, he is only getting worse including a hacking cough. Finally on Friday he goes to an actual Doctor, hoping they'll know what they're talking about this time. He finds out that he has an acute respiratory infection but they still felt like he needed some blood work because he may have mono. Well, it's now Monday (which we should get the results back today) and he is still having coughing spells that last 15-20mins. Yesterday was the last time he vomited, so we've crossed that off the list for now. So now I am getting to the refreshing point.... haha. Since I had to take care of him, I spent two whole days lounging on the couch in my robe, watching movies (except for those moments of running around trying to soothe my honey with hot tea, popsicles, soup, toast, yogurt, medicine, etc.). It was so nice! =] Trace even asked me last night if we could spend more nights at home... he couldn't have read my mind any better ;]...and that's why we're perfect for one another.

Ps. Thanks to all those who have kept him in your prayers. He really needed it- still does at that. Much love. xoxo!


Philip and Mandy said...

Oh poor Trace!! I hope it isn't mono - I had mono once in high school, it was TERRIBLE. Let's hope and pray that it's just the flu. And he's so lucky to have such a loving wifey to take care of him!

The Wolfe's said...

My roommate had mono last year.. and I stayed in someones else's room lol. She was acting like she was about to die. She even fell asleep in the dirty clothes basket!