Friday, January 9, 2009

Refreshing Morning

As most of you know by now, I fight Duncan (my dog) to get my extra beauty sleep in the morning because once Trace leaves for work, he is up and ready to start his day. Let's just say that 5:30 AM is never in my morning schedule... other than today it was! Once Trace left for work, I laid in bed for a bit longer and decided that I was going to get up and have myself a cup of hot tea and edit some pictures I took last night. It was nice! I feel like I've had lots of extra time this morning, in no need to rush! Boy do I need more mornings like today. But... now it is time to get ready for work. So be sure to have a blessed day!

Ah, hasn't the snow been such a joy? =]

1 comment:

The Wolfe's said...

wow;; i am glad you got a little extra done today!! :)